Červenec 2015

Rahi 2015 z ostrova OKOTO č,6

31. července 2015 v 11:13 Bionicle 2015 !
Region of Jungle
Okoto's jungles are dangerous places full of gigantic trees and savage wildlife. The jungles hold the most ancient of the Protector Ruins, now overgrown and forgotten.

The Parik are tall, bird-like Rahi. They have long, slender legs and necks, and bushy blue wings folded at their sides. Most Parik are found along the border of the Region of Water, and they are also extremely common in the Region of Jungle. They will ignore others most of the time, but if provoked they are extremely fast runners, and will claw their way out of a fight.
Build Parik with 70786 Gali-Master of Water!

Purple Happik
The plump Purple Happik seems to exist for one simple reason: to bring a smile to every villager's mask after a long day of labor. Their color is a reflection of their attitude, and there is nothing more charming than a flock of Happiks dancing in the wild. They are often found in the Region of Jungle; however, they constantly migrate, so for the most part they are seen all throughout the island.
Build Purple Happik with 70789: Onua-Master of Earth!

Orange Kuckoo Bird
Kuckoo Birds are extremely fast runners, and the most common breed is orange with green. They are independent Rahi, however the medium-sized birds occasionally gather together for stampedes through the Region of Jungle.
Build Orange Kuckoo Bird with 70778: Protector of Jungle!

The large Chameleon is a signature Rahi in the Region of Jungle. Although they are huge in size, Chameleons are rarely seen due to their ability to blend in with their surroundings. The reptiles are revered among the Jungle villagers, and are an intriguing Rahi to all who encounter them.
Build Chameleon with 70778: Protector of Jungle, 70787: Tahu-Master of Fire, and 70784: Lewa-Master of Jungle!

Týto su asi njačudnejší ..farebne je to mix..druhovo sa mi to tiež epozdáva...ale tak chameleon je asi jediný super

Rahi 2015 z ostrova OKOTO č,5

30. července 2015 v 11:12 Bionicle 2015 !
Region of Water
The Region of Water is composed of lakes and thundering rivers that form large deltas as well as strings of fertile islands along the eastern coast of Okoto.

Little is known about the Sirens, but they are believed to be intelligent. They live together in large numbers, making homes on the ocean floor around Okoto. Many of them carry weapons, such as spears and tridents. They are small creatures, roughly the size of a child, however they always travel in groups, and are extremely hostile.
Build Siren with 70780: Protector of Water!

Bottom Feeder
Bottom Feeders are bioluminescent creatures common in the Region of Water. They are slightly large, yet completely harmless, and spend their lives sweeping scraps from the ocean floor.
Build Bottom Feeder with 70780: Protector of Water and 70778: Protector of Jungle!

The mighty Tarakava is a large aquatic creature with enormous flippers, strong arms, and graceful fins along its back. It is hostile towards villagers and most Rahi, but due to its size, it keeps to deep waters and is rarely seen near the surface.
Build Tarakava with 70780: Protector of Water and 70786 Gali-Master of Water!

Vodné príšery sú super...tieto sa fakt vydarili

Rahi 2015 z ostrova OKOTO č,4

29. července 2015 v 11:12 Bionicle 2015 !
Region of Ice
Glaciers and tundra permanently freeze the northern part of Okoto. Great snowstorms blow across the region flashfreezing everything.

Ice Bear
The Ice Bear is a small, passive Rahi native to the Region of Ice. They dwell in small numbers, keeping to the caves for shelter. Most Ice Bears are seen in the northern glaciers of Okoto.
Build Ice Bear with 70782: Protector of Ice!

Ice Bat
Ice Bats congregate in the glacial caves in the Region of Ice, clinging to the ceiling, disguised as icicles. They are nocturnal creatures, dormant through the day but swarming through the night. They do not take kindly to intruders, and will attack anything that enters their cave.
Build Ice Bat with 70782: Protector of Ice and 70780: Protector of Water!

Boar inhabit the caves and forests in the Region of Ice. Due to their thick skin, heavy weight, and powerful tusks, the beasts are extremely threatening to villagers and other Rahi. They are known to charge at their opponents, swinging their tusks wildly and smashing everything in their path.
Build Boar with 70782: Protector of Ice and 70781: Protector of Earth!

The Region of Ice is home of the Tarranis, one of the deadliest Rahi on Okoto. They occupy large, communal nests immediately beneath the icy ground, swooping to the surface to prey on any living thing that wanders by.
Build Tarrantis with 70782: Protector of Ice and 70788: Kopaka-Master of Ice!

Týto sa mi moc nepáčia, i ked ta bledomodra kombinacia s biolou je pekna ,rahi nič moc

Rahi 2015 z ostrova OKOTO č,3

28. července 2015 v 11:11 Bionicle 2015 !
Region of Earth
The western part of Okoto is rich with obsidian fields. It is a black, glasslike and nightmarish place full of treacherous ravines, crevices and deep rifts.

Oko Raga
The Oko Raga is a small hostile Rahi with immense upper-body strength. It lives underground, in the caves around the Region of Earth. Oko Raga are periodically encountered in the region, and are a formidable foe to any villager.
Build Oko Raga with 70781: Protector of Earth!

Oko Maga
The Oko Maga is one of the larger Rahi on Okoto. It lives underground, and it is unknown how many are in existence. Only three have been sighted, and every encounter has resulted in death or severe injury. Its natural armor seems to resemble rock, and its claws are used to mangle its prey.
Build Oko Maga with 70785: Pohatu-Master of Stone and 70789: Onua-Master of Earth!

Crystal Spineback
The Crystal Spineback is a hunched humanoid Rahi with thick rocky skin, and spikes along its skull and shoulders for protection. The heavy beast is often seen digging and exploring, and is slow in nature. They are powerful, but friendly creatures.
Build Crystal Spineback with 70783: Protector of Fire and 70781: Protector of Earth!

Parádne kúsky

Rahi 2015 z ostrova OKOTO č,2

27. července 2015 v 11:10 Bionicle 2015 !
Region of Fire
Several mighty volcanoes are nested in the fiery Region of Fire.

Lava Ussal
The Lava Ussal is a small, passive toad-like crab that lives in the lava pits within the Region of Fire. They are not predators of any sort, and spend most of their time lounging around near the villages, emitting their signature rumbling purr.
Build Lava Ussal with 70783: Protector of Fire!
Instructions for the Lava Ussal.

Magma Fox
The Magma Foxes of the Region of Fire are one of Okoto's friendliest Rahi. In the wild, they are seen as playful, approachable, kind, and gentle creatures. However, unlike the Region of Stone's Oko Kani, Magma Foxes cannot be domesticated - even when captured as a baby. They tend to be erratic, and difficult to keep in a home.
Build Magma Fox with 70783: Protector of Fire and 70782: Protector of Ice!

The fiercest, most dangerous, and most cunning Rahi on Okoto is the Komodo. They live in the Region of Fire's most hostile areas, often in groups of two or three. They vary in size, but even the smallest Komodos can cripple a villager. They are a similar species to the Oko Maga, however the Komodo are far more dangerous, and significantly larger in size.
Build Komodo with Pohatu, Onua, Tahu, Protector of Stone, Protector of Earth, and Protector of Fire!

Magma Entity
The Magma Entities of the Region of Fire are rarely seen on the surface. They are made of pure lava, and are found swimming in the Region's lava pools. They are hostile, but tend to ignore others unless approached. Their only method of attacking involves spraying lava at their opponent.
Build Magma Entity with 70783: Protector of Fire and 70787: Tahu-Master of Fire!

Magma Strider
Magma Striders are found in small numbers along the outskirts of the Region of Fire. They are medium-sized, slow, passive Rahi which tend to migrate throughout the Region's outskirts, avoiding conflict and sticking together.
Build Magma Strider with 70783: Protector of Fire and 70787: Tahu-Master of Fire!

Baby Phoenix
The Baby Phoenix is born from the lava within the Region of Fire's volcanos. Unlike the larger Phoenix, which is solitary and passive, the Baby Phoenix is often seen flying around the volcanos, leaving a trail of fire in its wake.
Build Baby Phoenix with 70783: Protector of Fire and 70787: Tahu-Master of Fire!

The mighty Phoenix nests high up in the Region of Fire's volcanos. It emerges as a baby from the lava itself, and is composed almost entirely of fire. Although it is revered among the Fire villagers, and considered a majestic beast, the Phoenix is an extremely dangerous and solitary Rahi.
Build Phoenix with 70783: Protector of Fire, 70787: Tahu-Master of Fire, and 70784: Lewa-Master of Jungle!

Ja zbožnujem ohen a červenu a týto rahi s podla mna uplne skvelý!

Rahi 2015 z ostrova OKOTO č,1

26. července 2015 v 10:59 Bionicle 2015 !
Wildlife of Okoto
Rahi combiners and alternates for the 2015 Winter Bionicle sets.

Region of Stone
The great barren desert spreads across the northwestern part of Okoto. The most dangerous phenomenon in the desert is sandstorms that blow across the wasteland.

The Dikapi are two-legged Rahi found in the Region of Stone. They are friendly, docile creatures, and they wander the deserts in flocks, bringing a certain pleasant charm that is appreciated by all Stone villagers.
Build Dikapi with 70779: Protector of Stone!

Oko Kani
The Oko Kani is a large Rahi found in the rocky Region of Stone. It blends in with the environment with both color and shape, making it an effective hunter. In the wild, Oko Kani are hostile, dangerous creatures that live in packs. However, some have been captured when they were young, and domesticated to be kept as pets. Domesticated Oko Kani are friendly, playful, and loyal to their owners.
Build Oko Kani with 70779: Protector of Stone and 70781: Protector of Earth!

Okoto Mukau
The Okoto Mukau is a bovine Rahi most commonly found in the Region of Stone. It spends most of its time grazing, and emits a signature deep moaning noise periodically.
Build Okoto Mukau with 70785: Pohatu-Master of Stone, and 70786: Gali-Master of Water!

Electric Hawk
Electric Hawks are massive, electrically-charged bird-like Rahi. They stalk the deserts, walking on two feet, and they attack by flinging their tail and zapping foes with their electric wings.
Build Electric Hawk with 70779: Protector of Stone and 70778: Protector of Jungle!

Sú to fakt parádne sety...myslite si že su pravé? myslim tým že ich lego schvalilo ako predtým dark hunters, alebo su to nejake vytvori nejakeho biofanatika?

Bionicle na predaj!!!

21. července 2015 v 9:37 Zaujimovosti
dávam do ponuky veke množstvo dilikov bionicle:kedže mám toho fakt vela, tak som sa rozhodol časť predať lebo to už nieje kde skladovať...viem že viacerí radi stavate výtvori,alebo nových rahi poprípade temných lovcov....tu je kopec dielikov ktore sa vám zidu
Bionicle-hromada súčiastok - 1
Bionicle-hromada súčiastok - 1

Bionicle-hromada súčiastok - 1
Bionicle-hromada súčiastok - 1

Bionicle-hromada súčiastok - 1

Bionicle-hromada súčiastok - 1
Bionicle-hromada súčiastok - 1
predám do rakuska, česka a slovenska.

Bionicle zbierka

19. července 2015 v 17:41 Zaujimavosti zo sveta bionicle

tak tento zberatel sa mi fakt páči! je to rovnaký fanatik ako ja...dokonca má aj žlteho jetraxa a 4 matoranov-tohunga z roku 2001 čo mne chýbaju

Jetrax t6- limited edition

17. července 2015 v 23:59 Zaujimavosti zo sveta bionicle
Máte niekto limited ediciu setu jetrax t6? Myslím tú yellow verziu ktora vyšla v roku 2008 na vianoce a speciálny set, neviete kde by sa dala zohnať?

Tie combo modely su super

15. července 2015 v 12:40 Bionicle 2015 !

fakt sa tesim ked uz budu letne sety v obchodoch

- Catapul Scorpion

13. července 2015 v 9:55 My Dark Hunters and Rahi Beast
ták a tu ho máme...tie klepetá su mega cool
jeho chvost je obrovský

a tu sa už chystá na lov matoranov a malých rahi

Toa Dume, toa Mangai a toa metru matorani

12. července 2015 v 9:29 My Collection /moja zbierka
takže dnes vám predstavujem troch nových toa
toa nidhiky, zradca bývali člen lhikanovho týmu a potom temný lovec
toa tuyet...další podvodník ktorý zradil svojích bratov toa
a na závver toa dume...buduci slávny turaga metru nui

tak som kukal na toa metru a matorano z roku 2004 a povedal som si že si vyrobím aj matoranov z toa metru

a tú su všetci pekne pokope

Bohrok va-kabaia sety

11. července 2015 v 9:26 My Collection /moja zbierka
no takže bolo na čase doplniť armádu bohrokov a tak som zobral bohrokov va

a ostavil z nich týchto dvoch krásavcov podla návodu na nete....síce som mal kopec náhradných dielikov,nepodarilo sa mi každeho bohrok va nahradiť..takže momentálne mám len troch a zeleneho, modreho a čierneho si musim znova kupiť

NEch už sa predavaju!!

11. července 2015 v 8:09 Bionicle 2015 !

TOTO JE ROZšíRENá VERIA VIDEA..TOA BOJUJU proti novým letných zloduchom...hlavne sa na nich teším preto lebo si z nich ppostavime tie paradne kombinovane modely!

Metru nui play sety a ich alternativne modely

10. července 2015 v 9:24 My Collection /moja zbierka
takže dnes vám predstavim asi največšie lego bionicle sety ktore kedy vyšli:edícia z roku 2005- metru nui!
tu existujú 4 sety: battle for metru nui-mám 2krat, visorak battle ram-mám 2krat,tower of toa-mám 2krat a visorak gate tú jedinú mám len raz-mám z nej postavený alternativny model..ale tak hádam ju časom z ebaya kupim aj druhý krat
hlavne mám velmi vela tých malých svietiacich pavučikov-visorakov...v noci to parádne svieti

a tu je volne miesto pre posledný set ktorý mi už hádam čoskoro pribudne

Voya Nui play sety a ich alternativne modely

9. července 2015 v 9:09 My Collection /moja zbierka
takže na toto som naozaj hrdý...voya nui lego play sets
mám ich všetky: lava chamber gate, race for mask of live, piraka stronghold a piraka outpoust...každý okrem lava chamber gate mám už dvakrat!
takže som si mohol postaviť skvelé alternatívne modely ktore boli vyobrazene na zadných stranách škatul

hlavne sa mi páčia tieto dvavelké sety...strážna veža a kláštor pirakov....su fakt super!

Toa of OKOTO časť.2

8. července 2015 v 17:36 My Collection /moja zbierka
ták a pokračujeme s fotkami...všetci nový toa
pekne vedla seba,aspon je vidno rozdiely ktore sa spravia po nasadení zlaej masky
toa so zlatou maskou vyzeraju ako elitný uderný tým
a pekne všetci pohromade
a ked už fotím tak aj zvyšok obyvatelov okotoa...skull spider-tento set je pre mna asi največším sklamanim roku: velmi sm sa na neho tešíl, jediné čo je asi na nom super su tie nohy ktore sa hýbu a možu niekoho chytiť...ale inak je dosť malý, malo pohyblivý a čo ma najviac štve že nemá hlavu ani masku...ale nejake hlupe nalepky! koho taká somarina vobec napadla?!?
a vedla neho už sú moji matorani z okota

a tú ostatný...v predu sú povodný,tak sa ako sa predávaju, tí v zadnej rade su bez zbrani a veci ktoré poskytli toa so zlatými maskami.

Dioráma pre MAhi nui sety!

8. července 2015 v 7:41 My Collection /moja zbierka
takže som si vyrobil toho..aby som mal pekne všetky lego nbionicle sety pekne vystavené...
sú tu všetky 3 mahri nui sety: toa trrain crawler, barraki deapsea patrol a toa undersea attack. každý si chcem kupiť dvakrat aby som mal originál sety ale aj tie combo modely,ktoré sa z každeho daju postaviť
momentálne mám z terain crawlru postavený ten alternatívny set a na originál čakám kým mi pride z česka, v originál forme mám toa undersea attack,ten musim ešte druhý cez ebay zohanť a 2krat mám len barraki deapsea patrol,takže tam mám postavený original aj aletrnativny model

Kotrý toa je podla váš najlepší??

7. července 2015 v 7:45 Bionicle 2015 !
Tak som akurat upratoval bionicle a rozmýšlal som ktoreho toa z roku 2015 mám asi najradšej...neviem sa nejako rozhodnuť a tak ma nadpalo že spavím anketu pre vás: ktorý toa sa páči vám najviacej???
píšte do komentov:



Som zvedavý ktorý toa vyhra

Toa of OKOTO časť.1

6. července 2015 v 19:52 My Collection /moja zbierka
takže tuto mám oboje verzie najnovších toa z ostrova okoto

a tu so zlatými maskami a novou vyzbrojou

a tu mám obyvatelov okota spolu s ich šiestimi vodcami